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What Is A Discovery Session?

In this session, we will uncover the following:

The most effective workouts to target stubborn

body fat. We all have those areas that hold more body fat than others.


These areas can be somewhat frustrating to target and quite often take more than just reducing our calorie intake.


During this Discovery Session, we will discuss strategies around how to target these areas by bringing the body back into an environment conducive to fat loss 


We will discuss changes that can be made to your diet to significantly speed up fat loss results. It's no secret that a good diet is key to fat loss.


The problem is, most people are uneducated when it comes to the right foods and strategies. Don't worry, its not your fault. The amount of misinformation in the public arena around dieting is frightening.


Over the course of your discovery session, we will break down a lot of diet related myths so you leave with confidence in knowing what is needed to achieve your goal. 

A complete roadmap to help you achieve any chosen goal. During this session, we will identify what goals you are looking to achieve and a complete strategy on exactly how we will make it happen.


Many people fall short in achieving their goal, not because they don't have the determination or want it enough, but more because the strategy and tactics to achieve the goal were never aligned with the end result.


We will come up with a systematic approach that will give you confidence moving forward.


A chance to ask a Fitness Professional any questions relating to health & fitness.


Quite often we have a lot of questions relating to our health, but more often than not it's hard to find what information is false & what information is credible.


This is your opportunity to ask someone who can get through the noise & give you the answers that will get you closer to your goals.

Normally $147


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What Could A Discovery Session Do For You?

Damian Drummond Before and After.png

"Next month I turn 49. I am now reaping the benefits of my nutrition and workout consistency.


I am thinner, have more focus, more energy and a determination to not go back to the way I was before."

Damian Drummond

"I am now a totally different person.
I am more confident & happy within myself.

I can now do things I never thought I could do.
I can't wait to see what else I can achieve."

Hannah Edwards

Blank 1060 x 780_edited.png

Weight Lost: 8.3KG

Body Fat Lost: 6.8%

Measurements Lost: 24CM

Metabolic Age Reduced: 6-Years

Daniel Wright

"I grew as a person!

Not only did I lose a significant amount

of weight I became happier; beating depression,

confident, more productive, my sleep patterns improved and my energy levels increased....


plus many other benefits"

Erin Clark

Daniel Annetts before and after_edited.p

"I'm actually at the point that the thought of going to the gym is a good thing.

I've noticed a huge change in my self-confidence & energy levels. I'm no longer sluggish at work & in need of an afternoon nap. 


I'm excited to wake up every morning and take on the day"

Daniel Annetts

Weight Lost: 11.2KG

Body Fat Lost: 9%

Measurements Lost: 24.5CM

Metabolic Age Reduced: 13-Years

Diana Brittain

Diana Brittain before and after 2_edited
Tyler Smith before and after_edited.png

Weight Lost: 10.5KG

Body Fat Lost: 12%

Measurements Lost: 22CM

Metabolic Age Reduced: 6-Years

Tyler Smith

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