5-Week Health Overhaul

By Primal Project

What Is The 5-Week Health Overhaul?

The 5-Week Health Overhaul is a program specifically tailored to Males in the corporate and business sector. 

This is for those that fit at least one of the following criteria:

  • Work more than the standard 40-hour week

  • Have a hard time finding time to exercise

  • Have tried weight loss before and struggled

  • Spend a lot of time during the day sitting down

  • Have regular work and networking functions 

  • Have a priority of improving their health now

Sounds great, but does it work?

I'm glad you're sceptical, and so you should be with so much BS on the market right now.

Let me first introduce myself.


My names Jay, and I've been lucky enough to be in this industry of Health and Fitness for over 13-years. I've seen it all. Pills and potions, cling wrap that you stick around your waist, vibrating pants to jiggle the fat off. As you've probably guessed my now (at least I hope), none of that stuff works.

Here's the real secret. You need to eat well and exercise more. Simple right?

Not so fast. We forgot to address the decades of bad habits and mental sabotage thats stopped you from eating better and exercising more. 

Thats why this program exists, and why people are getting amazing results.

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So will it work for me?

It works for everyone who puts in the work. I don't mean physical work like running on a treadmill. I mean work like wanting to understands themselves better. Work like doing a survey on their eating habits. Work like tracking their food on a piece of paper or app for 5 days. 

The program contains work and if you don't do it you will fail. If you do the work, I guarantee great results. I'm so sure it will work that if you see out the entire 5-Weeks and do all tasks that are asked of you, and after all of that you don't believe it was worth the small investment, i'll give you it all back.


Heres a run down of what the 5-Weeks looks like:


  • Week one is all about getting a better understanding of your current and past circumstances. The habits you currently have today around nutrition and exercise have all been shaped by past experiences. Over the course of this first week, it's all about tracking and understanding you better. This gives me a starting point as to how I can make lasting change for you moving forward.

  • Week one involves a 30-minute phone call that focuses on the psychology of your choices around nutrition and exercise.

  • Your first resource book “Food & Nutrition” becomes available.



  • Week two is where the rubber meets the road. Time to start implementing some small changes. From food selection to improving sleep, this week is about identifying a few areas that will give us the best return.

  • Week two’s 30-minute call involves more gathering data and a Q&A style session.

  • Your second resource book “Movement & Exercise” becomes available.



  • Week three involves more implementation of strategies around nutrition and exercise. This week we spend more time on the psychological side of things. Topics like self sabotage & stress management tend to be the main focus as we look to figure out where your current circumstances manifested. A number of surveys to identify these areas will need to be completed.

  • Week three’s 30-minute call involves a Q&A style session.

  • Your third resource book “Sleep & Stress Management” becomes available.



  • Week four is all about making our new habits stick. By now, we should start to see some consistent implementation with some significant body composition changes to boot.

  • Week four’s 30-minute call involves starting the process of long term habit retention and Q&A.

  • Your forth resource book “Alcohol, Injuries, Overeating & More” becomes available.



  • Week five marks the last week of our Health Overhaul. This weeks all about crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. A full blueprint will come together containing a tailored solution for you and your health moving forward.

  • Week five’s 30-minute call involves setting you up for long term changes. A run through of the tailored plan moving forward along with any final questions will be answered.

  • Your fifth resource book “Your Mindset For Success” becomes available.


*some results are over an extended period longer than the initial 5-weeks


Weight Lost: 24.8KG
Body Fat Lost: 18%
Measurements Lost: 49CM
Metabolic Age Reduced: 9-Years

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