The IGNITE PROGRAM has been our longest-running & most successful program to date.

IGNITE was designed specifically to help people lose stubborn body fat and build lean muscle.

With over 200 successful and happy clients achieving incredible results so far, IGNITES proven systems 

can help anyone, be it Male or Female achieve drastic results in a very short time frame.

So whats included in the IGNITE PROGRAM?

One-On-One Personal Training Sessions

These are used as educational sessions to help build confidence and knowledge around the type of exercises required to help you achieve your goals.

From weight training to effective fat-loss circuits, this valuable time spent with a trainer will help you understand how to maintain results once you finish up on our program.

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Nutrition Analysis & Healthy Eating Plans

It's no secret that what you eat plays a huge part in your results. Over your time on the program, you will begin to better understand how to use nutrition to not only speed up your results, but to have the ability to maintain those results over the long term. 

Learn ways you can use nutrition to build lean muscle or burn unwanted body fat. 

Body Analysis & Tracking

Stop relying on the scale. With expert body analysis, you will soon discover which areas have stubborn body fat and how to change your exercise and nutrition to focus on those specific areas.

Fortnightly tracking will help to uncover the most effective exercises for your body. Never hit a plateau in your results ever again.

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Goal Specific Programming & Workouts

Chances are if you're not moving towards your goal right now, you're not doing the type of exercise most effective for you. 

With 13-years of experience in working with people just like you, we will tailor workouts that give you the most bang for your buck & the quickest results guaranteed. 

What are others saying about the IGNITE PROGRAM?

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"Next month I turn 49. I am now reaping the benefits of my nutrition and workout consistency.


I am thinner, have more focus, more energy and a determination to not go back to the way I was before."

Damian Drummond

"I am now a totally different person.
I am more confident & happy within myself.

I can now do things I never thought I could do.
I can't wait to see what else I can achieve."

Hannah Edwards

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Weight Lost: 8.3KG

Body Fat Lost: 6.8%

Measurements Lost: 24CM

Metabolic Age Reduced: 6-Years

Daniel Wright

"I grew as a person!

Not only did I lose a significant amount

of weight I became happier; beating depression,

confident, more productive, my sleep patterns improved and my energy levels increased....


plus many other benefits"

Erin Clark

Daniel Annetts before and after_edited.p

"I'm actually at the point that the thought of going to the gym is a good thing.

I've noticed a huge change in my self-confidence & energy levels. I'm no longer sluggish at work & in need of an afternoon nap. 


I'm excited to wake up every morning and take on the day"

Daniel Annetts

Weight Lost: 11.2KG

Body Fat Lost: 9%

Measurements Lost: 24.5CM

Metabolic Age Reduced: 13-Years

Diana Brittain

Diana Brittain before and after 2_edited
Tyler Smith before and after_edited.png

Weight Lost: 10.5KG

Body Fat Lost: 12%

Measurements Lost: 22CM

Metabolic Age Reduced: 6-Years

Tyler Smith

Our Special 14-Day Fat Furnace Completion Offer!

To date, we have NEVER discounted this program. 

Even 5-Years ago when the IGNITE PROGRAM started, prices started at $89.

Now, the current price for this program starts at $119.

As a special gift to those of you that completed the 14-Day Fat Furnace, we are offering this program for 

JUST $47

That's an incredible saving of $72!

This includes 1x Personal Training session per week along with everything else needed to have you

racing towards your goal in no time at all.

Not only that, we are offering you the chance to get a whopping 50% off any additional Personal Training sessions to help speed up your results. 

So instead of paying $89, you'll simply pay $45 for any additional sessions you choose to add. (MAX 4/Week)

How many sessions should I add? Here's a guide based on over 200 people coming through the program:


Looking to lose under 0.5KG of body fat per week > 1-2 Weekly Sessions

Looking to lose between 0.5-1KG of body fat per week > 2 Weekly Sessions

Looking to lose between 1KG-1.5KG of body fat per week > 2-3 Weekly Sessions

Looking to lose over 1.5KG of body fat per week > 3-4 Weekly Sessions


Have less than 6-Months Weight Training experience > 3 Weekly Sessions

Have between 6-12 Months Weight Training experience > 2-3 Weekly Sessions

Have between 12+ Months Weight Training experience > 2 Weekly Sessions


Given the late notice in putting this offer together and a reasonably full book of clients already, it is first in, first serve.

People will miss out on this so especially given the crazy price, so simply fill out the form below to secure your spot today.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to list those when you register your interest.

Once you register your interest, I'll be in touch within 24-hours to see how we can structure the program around your lifestyle to get the best results.




Normally $119


Limited Spots. Register Your Interest Now!

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