10 Training Secrets To Speed Up Fat-Loss

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Fat Loss can be a challenging journey at the best of times, and having the right information and tools can significantly increase your chances of success. 

Many people are always left asking, how do I lose weight fast?

With an avalanche of information on the net about how to successfully lose body fat, it can be hard to distinguish what information is right and what is pure “BS”.

Do I change my diet and try Atkins? What about Keto? Maybe Paleo is the secret? Low-Carb? Maybe apple cider vinegar is the trick?

What about training? Is there a specific type of training I need to be doing to lose body fat? Do I need to join a gym? Should I do what body builders do? Do I need a Personal Trainer?

Today we talk about 10 Training Tips you can do on your own to help you speed up those fat loss results. 

A lot of these may not come as much surprise, but I guarantee there’s a couple on there that will having you raising the eyebrows. 

1. Compound Lifts Over Isolation

With weight training being important in any fat loss routine, the type of exercises you incorporate in that routine can make a huge difference in the end result. 

If you’re like 90% of the people I see in the gym, you mainly stick to isolation (single muscle) exercises that do little more than hold your attention for 30-seconds whilst you hum to your favourite one direction song. 

Let me digress… Isolation exercises do have their place in a routine, but they shouldn’t be the majority. Not only do isolation exercises burn less calories than compound (compound lifts target more than once muscle), but they have a minimal metabolic response in the body. (metabolic response= fancy term for a process where hormones and the role they play in the body with regards to fat loss are altered).

Compound exercises tend to target the larger muscles in the human body meaning they more are energy demanding and show massive improvements in metabolic response.

Heres my top 5 compound exercises that are a must for any fat loss routine:

Back Squat: Targets majority of the muscles in the lower body and is one of my favourites for fat-loss. Performing higher rep ranges of 15-25 can be a great way to burn some excess calories and really build up some good definition in the legs. (Back Squat example Here)

Deadlift: This is just as powerful as the back squat as it works the large lower body muscles along with posterior muscles in the upper back. Deadlifting has great functionality in every day life so it’s one of those great exercises to include in most workouts. (Deadlift example Here)

Pull Up / Lat Pull Down: A great exercise for building up the muscles in the back and just as great for straightening up that posture by pulling the shoulders back. (Pull Up example Here)

Burpee: The good ol’ burpee will always have a place in a fat loss routine given the demand it puts on the entire body. I like to put these in at the end of a good weight training session for an added punch. (Burpee example Here)

Walking Lunges: Another great leg exercise that really loads up the Quad and Glute muscles, two of the biggest in the body. This one can be tiring so make sure you get it done while you’re fresh. (Walking Lunges example Here)

Farmers Walk: This seems easy but walking with a heavy weight for an extended amount of time can be hugely demanding on the body (not to mention the forearms). (Farmers Walk example Here)

2.  Shorter Rest Periods

Reducing the amount of rest you have whilst exercising can be a great way to keep the heart rate up and continue to burn calories. Incorporate this into your weight training as well as Interval Training to get an additional sweat. 

3. Perform Circuit Training

Circuit training involves performing a number of exercises back to back with no rest period. Just like tip number two, this can be a great way to increase the heart rate and get a strong metabolic response in the body.

4. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT has been highly publicised for its fat loss benefits. HIIT involves working at 100% intensity for a short period of time followed by a short rest. 

The biggest benefit to this training is the amount of work that can be done in a short duration, not to mention the “carry over” increase in energy expenditure which some studies show can be as long as 48 hours post-exercise.

5. Work Harder

This one may sound simple but I guarantee when you workout at the moment, you’re leaving something in the tank.

If there was one practical piece of advice I could give you it would be to just work harder!

Want a proven way to work harder when you exercise? Leave the phone at home!

6. Don’t Take Advice From People Who Are Not Lean!

Such simple advice, but you would be shocked at how many people are taking advice from someone who has never figured it out themselves.

Don’t take advice for Uncle Author who has never dropped a pound in his or her life. This is dumb, and it happens all too often. Find an expert like an experienced Personal Trainer who can show you the ropes

7. Focus On Recovery

This can feel a little counter intuitive at times as the last thing you want to do is take a day off from exercise, but just like the exercise itself, rest can be a crucial part to successfully dropping the pounds.

Make sure rest days are structured into your program just like training days.

Sleep is often overlooked in relation to fat loss but correlations between lack of sleep and weight gain are common. As lack of sleep can be a significant stress to the body, this can wreak havoc with hormones inside the body.

When we find ourselves under stress, most of us sign up to the binge eating academy (I’m guilty of this one). 

Unfortunately there is no magic number with sleep and everyone is different but as a guide, 7-8 hours is generally a ball park number you should be aiming for (listen to your own body on this one).

8. Mix Up Your Exercise

Implementing this strategy can have a number of benefits for fat loss. Not only will it keep motivation levels high by giving you something new to on a regular basis, but it will also tap into different energy substrates of the body allowing for a number of benefits. 

Expect to see an increased metabolism, better nutrient uptake and increased insulin sensitivity. (a fancy name for being able to utilise energy better) 

Try using different types of exercise modalities like Weight Training, Cross Fit, Circuit Training / F45, Strength Training, Sprints, HIIT, Low Intensity Steady State Cardio, Yoga and Pilates. 

9. Slow Down Tempo

Similar to short rest periods, slowing down the speed at which you lift weights can have great impacts on muscle gain and fat loss. 

Are you one of those people that likes to move the weight at the speed of light? Well, even though that has it’s place in weight training, try and slow down the negative part of the lift (thats the opposite of the contraction e.g. the lowering of the squat). 

This will increase the muscle time under tension allowing for increased energy expenditure and potentially better muscle building results.

All of those additional seconds under tension can soon add up completely changing your workouts not to mention help build some much needed muscle.

10. Be Active In Daily Life

This goes without saying, the more active you are in your day, the more energy you use. 

Over a period of a week, this can be the difference between plateauing or losing fat.


Implement little strategies into your day from now on like taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking an extra block from work, taking the dog for a longer walk. 

Getting yourself a Fitbit can be a great way to track your activity and keep you honest.

All these small changes may sound insignificant at the time but trust me, over the space of the week, it can amount to over 1000+ calories.

So there it is, 10 training secrets that can really help you get the most out of your workouts. 

Just remember “you can never out train poor nutrition”, so the foundations of any fat loss regime needs to start in the kitchen. Implement these strategies with a solid diet at a slight calorie deficit and you are guaranteed those results you strive for.

If you want the latest info on fat loss and exercise tips to take you and your body to the next level, head over to our Instagram page HERE as we love throwing up some good quality content on these topics :)

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