How To Avoid The Xmas Trap

With 5-weeks till’ Christmas, it’s around this time that people fall into the trap of 'I’ll just make a start with my goals next year’. 

Sound familiar?

Did you know just 8% of people achieve their New Years resolutions?

If every person on this planet made a resolution, that means over 7-billion people will fail.

That's a little sad. 

But why is that? 

Is it because they just don’t want it enough?

Is it because they're just following the trend of setting goals?

Or is it something deeper?

Over my years of working with people, I’ve come to discover the main reason is (in my honest opinion), people expect too much, too soon. 

They take on these insane goals and just expect it to happen!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that (well at least for 92% of you it doesn’t).

What I’ve also noticed is people tend to overestimate what they can do in a few weeks, but drastically underestimated what they can do over a year.

People think dropping 10kg in 4-weeks is no sweat, but creating a new healthy persona to live by for the rest of their life over 12-months is out of the question.

So what’s the secret?

How do I set a goal that I can achieve and actually pull it off? How do I become part of the 8%?

Here’s where to start:

  • Make it real - If you currently go to the gym once a month, setting a goal of attending 6-days a week is stupid. A better goal would be to aim for one time a week for the first month and then look to double from there.

  • Set your daily habits - What are the habits that need to be done daily to pull your goal off. Let’s say you want to lose 2KG before Christmas. Maybe a small step towards that is you wake up 15-minutes early to prepare a healthy breakfast. The following week you might look to take your lunch to work instead of buying from the cafe. Small steps create momentum.

  • Reward yourself - It doesn’t have to be big, but give yourself a reward for hitting your goal each week. This may be as simple as a massage or a cup of coffee out with friends.

  • Stop with the excuses - The biggest commonality amongst those that fail is there’s always an excuse. It’s always someone else fault as to why not. Somewhere along the line, you need to take responsibility….. and I mean for everything. The alarm didn’t go off? That's your fault. Got a bad sleep? Your fault. Had no energy? Yup…. Your fault. Man up and get the job done. Stop believing in your own bull**it.

  • Make a plan - Sit down and actually create a plan. Most people that set goals don’t even write them down. No wonder 92% fail. You need to be meticulous about it. What does the week ahead look like? What should your food look like? What days are you hitting the gym? Every hour of every day should be planned in advance. If you're too lazy to do this, employ a trainer. They'll do it all for you and kick your ass if you fall off the wagon.

  • Start Now - Here’s the kicker. Successful people don’t wait. If you’re waiting till’ the new year, guess what? You’re part of the 92%. You need to start now. The best time to start is yesterday, the second-best is now, so set the plan and EXECUTE!

The key is to break patterns. We talk to clients about this every day. There are things you do in your daily life that are sabotaging your legacy. You need to start breaking patterns to get ahead. If your pattern is to set a resolution and then fail, nows the time to start. Start small, but for god's sake (and your own), start now!

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