Why time away from the gym can make you the healthiest you've ever been.

As of today, the 25th of March 2020 we find ourselves in a health crisis like no other.

The Corona virus has brought the world to a halt and with the closing of fitness facilities all over the world, many are wondering, where do I go with my health from here?

I have good news.

As humans, we have an incredible ability to adapt, an instinct to survive, and whilst restrictions in access to fitness facilities are limited, that doesn't mean our health has to suffer.

First off, let me level with you here. When I was starting this article, I had the plan of writing about all the beneficial types of exercise you could do at home, but I thought;

"people don't need to know how to workout from home & besides, there's thousands of videos on youtube that can provide them with that".

So I chose to make this article about topics an ideas that go a little deeper than a good sweat session.

I decided;

"I'll write about things that people don't expect to hear from a 'fitness guru', things that are often overlooked when we consider improving our health".

So my first topic on the agenda is Family!

Let me ask you this;

Would you believe me if I told you that a strong relationship with your spouse or family is more important than exercise when it comes to your health?

It's true, studies show poor relationships is one of the leading factors to poor mental health.

With mental health related illness on the rise like anxiety & depression it's important you form that solid relationship with your loved ones.

Now I'm no expert in relationships but what I do know is this.

Communication is really important, so if you suck at it, go learn it.

After all, everything is able to be learnt and communication is one of those important skills you want to master. I'm saying this from experience. My communication skills used to be dismal, and it affected my relationships. But I'm learning and getting better, and so are my relationships.

I also know that a good relationship coach or life coach can help tremendously in this area.

May already have a pretty good relationship with your spouse, but that doesn't mean it can't be even better.

Use this time at home to strengthen those relationships and I guarantee your health will improve leaps and bounds.

Next topic, you!

I'll keep this one short.

You need to work on yourself.

Spend this time away from the gym understanding more about how you think, why you think the way you do, why you think about the things you think about and how thats affecting your mood. (that's a mouthful)

Here's what I've learnt in my thirty-two years on this Earth, your thought process dictates the way you see the world.

You will either be a victim that sees the bad in all situations, or you'll have a growth mindset that always sees opportunity and prosperity all around you.

If you can figure out how to change your thought process to be more like the latter, your levels of happiness will go through the roof.

Show me a happy person in poor health! It's very, very rare.

A couple of places to start.

Meditation and journalling.

I know what you're thinking - "F*** that, thats not me, i'm not into that mystical ".

Just give it a go. I'm not that type of guy either, but just take my word on this one.

Third topic, your diet.

All this time at home is going to give you the opportunity to either pig out or learn to master your diet.

What you eat is a bigger indicator of your health levels than exercise.

So why not use this time to better understand the psychology around why you eat what you eat and the way that you eat.

I've worked with hundreds of clients one-on-one, and they all have habits around eating that they don't even realise. The problem is, these habits are normally a huge detriment to their health.

To better understand your eating habits and patterns, start by tracking what you eat. Every piece of food or drink that goes into your mouth I want you to write it down.

Now, there's going to be times that you make some bad choices or you binge.

In that moment, I want you to start becoming more aware of how you feel. What thoughts are going through your mind. How does your body feel before that moment the thoughts pop up?

These types of activities are giving you a deeper insight into some of your 'triggers'.

These triggers are emotional cues that lead you to making bad choices around food. Once you can better understand the feelings you feel, you can start to pick up on the physical sensations before you get to the point of needing to binge.

At that point you can start to put in place better choices and cut out the habit before it has time to manifest into a full blown pantry binge.

Last topic, Books.

If you are not reading books that a furthering your knowledge around topics you're passionate about, you're making a big mistake.

Here's one thing I've noticed in my time as a Health Coach.

Many people that have an issue with their weight or image or health also tend to be at a point in their life where they're not really that happy about their professional and work life.

Often I've thought about this and one thing I've noticed is, people that are not certain on where they are going or what they want out of their future, tend to fall into poor choices around their health, particularly their diet.

Now I don't know if this is a comfort thing where they turn to food in times of uncertainty, but I do know I come across it a lot, too often to be a coincidence.

Now I don't claim to be a career adviser by any means, but maybe this could be the best time take a step back and look at the bigger picture with your career.

Maybe this could be a time used to bullet point all the things you don't currently like about what you're doing, giving you a guiding light to things that bring more passion into your life.

When you're living life with purpose, your health can go to a new level.

I'm only a health coach, I know that.

But I also work with a lot of people, and people have a habit of opening up to their Trainer.

And that insight shows me a lot of commonalities that we all have as humans, and what I've talked about today I believe applies to us all.

This corona virus will pass, and your gym will open again, but just for now, embrace the time away and focus on the other areas important to health that we all too often neglect.

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